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In Studio One 5, what is the easiest way to put a VST effect on all tracks at once?

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asked Sep 22, 2022 in Studio One 5 by michaelelliott16 (420 points)

I want to simulate all instruments and vocal tracks playing in the same room at once.  I have done this before by adding the appropriate sized VST based reverb room to the Master track.

What is the easiest way to put a VST effect on all tracks (without having to add the effect individually on each track that is) ?

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answered Sep 25, 2022 by michaelelliott16 (420 points)

I have the answer after watching a bunch of the tutorial videos.  Inserts.

  1. Select the desired channel.
  2. Select the Inserts dropdown, then select your effects VST. 

This can be done for any channel, and per my question, it can also be done on the Main channel on the far left so all tracks are processed through your desired effect\VST.

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answered Sep 27, 2022 by jasonwilmans (1,490 points)

If you actually want the same room effect on all (or most of) the instruments, that's not how I would go about it. You need as many reverb VSTs as you have virtual instruments that way.

A better way to do this is to

  • Add an FX channel
  • Add A reverb on that channel and set it to 100% wet
  • Select all the tracks you want to have reverb on at the same time
  • On one of the selected channels, click on the + to the right of the 'Sends'
  • Select the FX channel with the reverb
This way, all selected channels should now send a copy of their their signal to the reverb. You can control the individual channel's reverb by adjusting the sends level, and the overall reverb loudness with he fader for the FX channel (or an additional Mixtool, whatever you refer).