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Same functionality — different view: Edit window and the list

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asked Dec 8, 2017 in Look and Feel by AugerJ (570 points)
Not exactly MIDI List Editor or Event List,

nothing Studio One cannot do already.

MIDI or not... Let's say, WYCI (Whatever You Call It),

the functionality is already present in Studio One.

In the left part of the Edit window there's information about the selected note,

with parameters (Start, End, Length, Pitch, Velocity, Mute) on the left

and their values on the right.

A chart with parameters presented horizontally on the top

and values, also horizontally, — below their corresponding parameters,

but for all notes in the event, not for the selected note only,

with all the functionality (how a user can adjust the values) remained (or inherited),

would make the list I'm talking about.

Call it Event List or MIDI List or List Editor or WYCI List...

I'll stop at The List.

It would seem logical if The List would be a part of the Edit window —

so a user could open or close The List like he/she opens or closes the Inspector column,

in the same fashion (by striking a shortcut or by "pressing" a little button on the toolbar),

and could see The List even when the Edit window would be maximized.

Also there should be an auto scroll option —

so the Edit window (Piano Roll) and The List could be in sync, "on the same page".

Needless to say that selected rows (for selected notes) might differ by background color or by symbol color or both.

I think The List should appear in the right part of the Edit window...

And it would be good if the columns of The List had adjustable width.

Thanks for your attention.

I hope to see such a feature soon enough.

Best regards.

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answered Jan 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,550 points)
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