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Can you PLEASE add a "WINDOW LAYOUT" tab to the "General" section of Preferences?

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asked Jul 25, 2020 in Look and Feel by dakotabowman (250 points)
retagged Jul 25, 2020 by dakotabowman

I want to preface this article by commending you, PreSonus Staff

for providing such a useful communication platform.

Especially one that's proven to be as effective as this.

It's a direct reflection of your care for consumer opinion.


Thank You


As a daily user of Studio One 5 (previously SO4, and more previously SO3), I would personally love the option of creating window layout profiles for multiple displays. I have an iMac and a MacBook Pro (both the most current), and I use Studio One 5 very differently on each device. With my iMac, I always have my second monitor hooked up in a top-bottom arrangement, so the ability to default the edit/mix windows to open on the second screen (or rather, whatever screen is currently not hosting the arranger window), would highly benefit my workflow. 

Here's a quick example of my workflow in terms of what im referring to:

I have "OPEN EDIT/MIX WINDOW" both set as hot keys. I then have to grab my mouse, hover over and click the little arrow that disconnects the window from the arranger, drag the little window to my unused screen, then maximize the window......

See how many steps that is? Like I said, even if those steps could be summed into one, I could then set a hotkey to the function, I would highly appreciate it guys!!!!

P.S. I just got my MacBook so I'm still working on developing a smooth and constant workflow. That's why I didn't include any work flow descriptions in regards to the MacBook. I only wanted to speak on functions that I'm highly familiar with and that I use on a 10x-20x-per-session basis. Again, this customer-to-business communication platform is highly appreciated, and does not go unused by your most loyal customers!

Thank you for your time.

Your humble and loyal PreSonus customer of 3 years and counting,

Kaydo Beatz (previously KO Beatz), Multi-Genre Home Studio Owner/Manager

Sound Designing, Engineering, Production, Arranging

Lima, OH

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answered Jul 31, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (254,880 points)
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