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!!! Please !!! Add Feature for "Snapping - Detached Mixer & Edit Windows"

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asked Dec 13, 2020 in Look and Feel by junhoshin1 (2,300 points)
edited Jan 10, 2021 by junhoshin1

This is about simple user interface.

You guys know that in Windows 10, there is "snapping" feature for windows opened (so if you drag it left or right, it snaps)

BUT! on MAC OS, it is a paid app called "magnet" (so people even pay for this feature & that is how much people need it for better workflow. nobody wants to waste time adjusting sizes of windows to snap perfectly....)

This is a very handy feature for people who use the mixer and editor windows "detached" (also for people who use secondary montitors)

I hope this gets seen by the UI team so it can be updated fast. (i'm a Windows 10 user btw. so i thought it could be done by Microsoft's function as long as it is recognized as a proper "window")

Thank you!!

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answered Dec 28, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (254,880 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please VOTE!

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