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Can I add Guitar effects while I'm playing in real-time through PreSonus Audiobox USB?

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asked Nov 18, 2015 in AudioBox USB by ericcarlson3 (190 points)
recategorized Dec 22, 2015 by butchrichard
I'd like to use my AudioBox USB device to add guitar effects (like using a pedal) when playing in real-time and want to know if this is possible to do?

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answered Nov 19, 2015 by cristofechabot (1,940 points)
selected Nov 19, 2015 by ericcarlson3
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I would have to say yes AND no. The OP didn't mention recording. What he said was "when playing in real time".
I use a laptop and interface with VST plugins as an fx processor live in real time...all the time. I also record at the same time. What you cannot do in that situation is directly record those effects. BUT you can later apply those same fx in really then...I'd have to say yes.
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answered Nov 18, 2015 by gadget69 (30,330 points)
No, The Audiobox is an interface, you would need to have outboard efx to do that, besides, what if you don't like the EFX? Or you get a new plugin you like... but you have recorded it WITH another effect...The EFX are drag and drop, so you should know that it ALWAYS best to get the very BEST source material, and add the EQ and efx later.

As said, if you REALLY need to have efx when you play, have an amp with all the goodies hooked up as a monitor device. That way you can add efx, and EQ and if you don't like them you can easily UNDO, and be back to ground zero.