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Dropping Vocals by an Octave (eltro-acoustic music) PLS HELP

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asked Dec 15, 2017 in Studio One 3 by katrinasomers (130 points)
edited Dec 15, 2017 by katrinasomers

Hi everyone!!

My name is Kat Somers and I am a musician new to learning how to utilize plugings and other software in my music production.  I'm new to the forums so HI everyone and I'm so excited to learn more!!  I recently started producing my own music after graduating college with a degree in Biological Sciences.  I decided that, after having a bad experience with someone else producing/recording my music, I was going to learn to do everything myself and procduce my own music just the way I hear it in my head.  

Anyway, to my problem that I ran into:

I have presonus and am using the trial version of melodyne for pitch correction and have a quick question I've been researching and trying different effect and buttons for the past two days.. 

I'm trying to get this effect from the very beginning of this song:  (your shirt by Chelsea Cutler)

it's a voice snippet from the song that is placed an octave or 2 up and then and octave or 2 down.  So one is super high pitched/alvin in the chipmunks and the other sounds almost ghost like.  

Can this be achieved through melodyne?  I've been messing with this all day and I can't seem to get it to sound right no matter what i'm doing.  It just doesn't sound the way I'm invisioning.  

When I step the octave down twice with presonus/studio one, then the speed is twice as slow... vice versa when I raise it two octaves it also speeds up.  

Please let me know how you can help!  So excited to be active in these forums and learn more from all of you! And hopefully can answer some questions as well. 

Thanks so much 

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