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Separate music tracks from a song in Studio One - Vocals + Instrumental, Vocals+Drums, Instruments+other

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asked Dec 17, 2019 in Editing by crischristopherellazarlibranda (190 points)

Just a thought, It would be a powerful feature in editing if we could separate music tracks from a song in Studio One, this would change, help the music teachers/musicians in their musical journey.

As a music teacher, I would say that studio one is always my partner in my musical journey. From editing music, recording, composition and arranging all are in this amazing DAW. At school we always perform, sing in assemblies and perform in concerts and competitions and the common thing that I've always encountered is when there's no backing track/ karaoke online. For emergency/ tight schedule the easiest way is to go to some website/ online to remove the vocals in the song or separate tracks.

What if this was part of editing feature of Studio One? We could possibly...

1. Separate the vocal(s) from instrumental part(backing track)  of the song  (mp3, wav or other format)

- No more worries if you need backing track/karaoke for the perfromance/ concerts

- This could be a powerful feature if you would do remix of the song. Just take the vocal and make nex remix, arrangment.

2. Separate the Vocal(s),Drums, Instruments and Other

- This could open a new door to everyboady who are always on the go and need backing track right away. They can easily separate the tracks of the song and make put togehter the instruments/ tracks. that they need.

These are my thoughts, what can you say

Cheers Presonus Team and thank you for your being the best.


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