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Is it safe to connect Audiobox22vsl main out directly to a guitar amp?

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asked Dec 16, 2017 in AudioBox USB by Wasontiio (150 points)
I have a live gig coming up as a solo guitarist/singer. Nobody wants to front money for a PA rental. I DO have an Audiobox 22vsl and a Peavey Classic 50 with 4X10'' speakers. I was thinking to go Mic + Guitar into Audiobox, and Main Out to Peavey Amp? I would lower the input gains of course, but is there anything wrong with this as a concept in general that I am missing? I understand it's a doubly amplified signal at this point, I just have no other gear with me at the moment. Thoughts much appreciated.


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answered Apr 20 by Jamesrhone1 (178,970 points)
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Make sure you start with a very low level out of the interface.

Also, you may want to use either a DI Box or a Reamp box between the AudioBox and the amp.

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