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Can't record my Guitar Amp without it peaking the input.

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asked May 1, 2020 in AudioBox USB by matthewtilbury (120 points)
edited May 13, 2020 by matthewtilbury

Signal chain: Guitar, cable, Orange Amp, cable phone phones port, AudioBox 96

I can't turn my guitar up or the amp without totally over loading the input so I can't get the tones I'm trying to create. I've tried turning to input all the way down, tried turning the level down on PC but turning down the amp kinda defeats the object. I can't record the amp with a mic as I have neighbours I don't want to annoy.

Do I need a DI box? Do I need a load box? I need to attenuate somehow but no matter how much I search I can't find the specific answer. Can I use something like this ( as I'm using a phones out it shouldn't overload anything?

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