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Connect keyboard with double-jack

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asked Dec 17, 2017 in Studio One 3 by carlaklovborgolsen (150 points)
I have been trying to set up my keyboard for recording with a double jack cable, but I cannot figure out how to do it. The sound won't go into the computer/headphones - it's like there isn't a connection. Can someone spell it out to me; which inputs to put the cables in, what to do in studio one and so on. It would be a great help, as I've tried myself for weeks now without luck. Thank you

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answered Dec 20, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (220,910 points)
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Hi Carla,

Follow the basic hookup diagram from the AudioBox manual to connect your gear to your hardware, the image below, and for setting up a keyboard in Studio One for recording midi, read over the reference manual section Setup > Setup Your Midi Devices which explains in good detail how to setup a keyboard for recording midi if you're also doing that.

Also, make sure to install the Universal Control drivers for your hardware.