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Which Is The Best Hassle Free Pre Mapped Beginners MIDI Keyboard /Controller To Buy?

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asked Mar 4, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jasonharris5 (360 points)
Hi again. I'm hoping to get some knowledgeable folks read this and point me in the right direction if possible.

As a total beginner with MIDI keyboards for using with Studio One 3 Artist, I'm looking to get the most hassle free controller that's pre mapped of all the buttons, knobs etc and is basically plug & play because I don't know what I'm doing yet. Through doing my own research and looking at popular models for my beginners level, and the price range I can afford (around the £50 mark), I've come up with a short list of MIDI USB keyboards that I can pick up 2nd hand on ebay.

From the following models, which of these is mapped out well on Studio One 3 and is likely to give me the least hassle and are decent quality? I'm not expecting anything too great from the cheaper end keyboards, just hoping for something half decent that's going to be reliable. So have a look at my list, if there are any well suited for what I want let me know please, or even if there are any that aren't on my list that are better than these.

• Akai MPK 25 & Mini

• M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK3&4

• Novation Launchkey 25

• Alesis V25

Thanks very much for your time.

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answered Mar 4, 2017 by gadget69 (31,150 points)

I would suggest you contact Johnny at the Home Studio Trainer, he is on FB and has a website that helps with Studio One and he has an excellent handle on hardware as well.