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Capability to change volume within the highlighted region of an event [completed 5.0]

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asked Dec 19, 2017 in Completed Feature Requests by Tom B (720 points)
FR: Capability to change volume within the highlighted region of an event.

Suggested operation of this feature:

1.) In an audio event, highlight a specific region.

2.) Using the volume envelope controls, the volume level changes only in the highlighted region.

3.) When the volume changes, the visible audio waveform should change too. This is similar to the existing event volume change feature.

4.) The prior steps should not cause any event splitting.

Design consideration: Does the volume change need to be adjusted around zero-crossings to eliminate possible clicks?


In an audio track, it is useful to adjust the volume level across a small section. For instance, a vocal track may have places where a word is sung too loud or too soft. It is desirable to edit troublesome audio sections before compression to avoid artifacts from over-compression. These techniques are useful for other audio sources too (e.g. hard snare hits, etc.).

Currently in Studio One, event volume adjustments can be accomplished by highlighting and splitting the audio into a new event and using the event volume control. However, this often results in many small events which will likely be bounced or merged to a contiguous track. Automation can be used, but may become complicated for this use-case. Having the ability to change the volume of a highlighted area, without splitting, would be more productive in many cases.

Cubase and SONAR have this feature. These products allow volume level adjustments to be made on highlighted audio without splitting into separate events (aka clips).

Note: There are existing FRs for "per-event volume automation". This is viable too, but likely would not have the instant visible feedback described above.

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answered Jan 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (907,080 points)
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answered Feb 15, 2019 by ugookafor (180 points)
We need this feature if this software is to be taken as a serious vocal editor...
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answered Feb 8 by timwatkins2 (240 points)

I like Studio One 4.5, but I am astounded that you have to split a track in order to only adjust a volume of a selected area of the track.  A simple slide or handle to change the volume of a section would be all that is needed.  I agree with another person that this is one of the missing features that are causing users to not be able to edit small sections of audio without moving a wav to other software and then move it back.  PLEASE add this feature and a true Noise Reduction for us to be able to really edit audio files.