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No sound after disabling instrument track then RE-enabling it.

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asked Dec 23, 2017 in Studio One 3 by sonicinleftpocket (200 points)
I disabled several instrument tracks temporarily. When I choose Enable Track (from right click for pop-up options), it's no longer greyed out and all the editable MIDI info is there, but when I push play the MIDI meter isn't moving and there's NO SOUND (even when soloed). I have tried choosing a different instrument in Presence and then re-choosing the original one, but that does not work. Ideas?

Using Windows 7 Pro, latest SO3 Pro and stock Presence Instruments

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answered Dec 26, 2017 by kyleguntharp (2,340 points)
edited Dec 26, 2017 by kyleguntharp
It may be that even though the tack itself is enabled that the instrument is not. One way to check is in console click the "Instr." to open up the instrument view to determine if the instrument is turned on.