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How to exit Qmix demo of Ipad app to connect to StudioLive 32 channel mixer

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asked Dec 25, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by randynelson2 (110 points)
Silly question but I cannot find a way to exit the demo portion if the Qmix Ipad app. Been using to control my mixer. Network was down and so could not connect but showed a demo option on the screen. So decided to see what it did. Nice but I can't find an EXIT method. If I press the Ipda Home button and then restart the Qmix then I am back in the demo mode. Also sometime while actually usiing Qmix to control my mixer, the Ipad Home does not exit the Qmix and again I cannot find a method to exit.

Thanks for any help. Am sitting at home on Christmas and will have to try any suggestion tomorrow when I get back to the church. Randy

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