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Why are presonus sound sets going missing on my windows computer?

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asked Jan 6, 2018 in Studio One 3 by harrisdandrade (200 points)
I downloaded Studio One and multiple soundsets. Mai Tai and Presence are a few. sometimes the program is unable to find the soundsets. I have tried locating them, but no luck. My only option is to re-install the soundsets from the personus website. Any help on how to locate the soundsets and keep them for good?

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answered Jan 11, 2018 by lawrencefarr (221,390 points)
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1.  Locate (search and find) all of the *.soundset files on your entire system and put them all into a single folder with nothing else, anywhere you want.

2.  Add that folder path to Options/Preferences > Locations > Sound Sets.

3.  If your soundsets ever don't load or come up missing (settings files corrupted perhaps) see item #2 to get them listing again.