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Sound Sets vs. Instrument Libraries vs. VST Plug-ins, where do they go? What is the difference?

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asked Dec 5, 2020 in Studio One 5 by danwilliams5 (140 points)
Sound Sets vs. Instrument Libraries vs. VST Plug-ins

Can anybody tell me how to set up these tabs in LOCATIONS? I've read several posts with this or similar questions, but NO real answers as to the differences, the proper locations and how to set up the plugins and soundsets in another drive other than C.

My studio one 5 right now sucks because of this. I can't drag and insert a plugin other than a few. I'm really fed up with this hassle. I don't know if it's studio one or windows or both!???


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answered Dec 5, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi.  I believe you can leave instruments and sound sets as they are.   These are things like Impact and patches you download from Studio One Exchange, etc.  For VST plugins you need to add the address of your VST installation.  For Example, by default VST 3's install into c:\Program Files\Common\VST 3.  You may see a Steinberg folder there, add that too.  Often you will be asked where you want your VST 2.4 when you install them.  On my system I have a special place for them to install.  A folder I have created especially for VST plugins.  But where ever they are you need to add this address to the vst section too.  My advice is to have a special folder somewhere on your hard drive to keep VST files.  E.g. c:\recording programs\plugins\VST.  That way you keep them all together. ##### Word to the wise do not add the file address "[C:\Program Files]" without sub folders.  Just scanning "[C:\Program Files]" without a sub folder added to the address location for VST'S used to crash Studio One on start up.   I don't know if this is still the case because I have never done it since I made that mistake.