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reconnect cascaded mixers without power down

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asked Jan 7 in Ai Mixers by keithfinch (130 points)
Several times our RM32AI mixers have lost the cascade function. It may have something to do with the first mixers network card I don't know. But we will going along just fine and then the Main unit gets lost, like it just took a vacation and does not want to talk to the networked devices (CS18, UC Surface, Qmix-UC) The CS18 drops to No connection at all, The first mixer will not show on Qmix or UC surface it starts at what should be ch33.

Is there a way to force the mixer to reset its network connection without power down? I know it needs to be turned on first in normal startup. But if I am in the middle of event and someone is talking I cannot reboot without the 1812 Overture sound alike happening.

Thanks for ANY help.

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