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Can I use Capture 2 software running on a remote PC on an AVB peer to peer network?

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asked Jan 9, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by rodfawcett (260 points)

Hi all,

Here's my scenario and what I'd like to do - I don't yet have the gear so it's a concept at the moment...

I'm considering a pre-owned RM32AI (a 2015 manufactured model - but updated to the latest firmware).  I would like to make live sound recordings from the on stage mics of the band. 

N.B.  I don't need to control the FOH PA as the PA Co will be doing all that independently with their own equipment - my business is only recording the gig for later post-production.

So, we've together agreed to correctly 'split' all the stage mics - so that the PA Co gets it's PA feed - and also I get an 'isolated' recording feed of all the mics into my own RM32AI on the side of the stage.

Then, I'd like to connect into the rear option card of the RM32AI by using a dedicated 'peer to peer' ruggedized CAT5e cable connected directly to the remote recording PC network RJ45 port running Capture 2.  The likelihood is that this PC will be somewhere backstage say 50m or so away.

Would that work OK?

My concern is that the 2015 manufactured option card in the rear of the RM32AI has no AWB icon - but I understand that providing it has the latest firmware - it can then use the AVB networking protocol - is that true?

So, to summarise, the local RM32AI Firewire port would not be used in this scenario - as the recording needs to be made 50m or so backstage.

Any comments would be gratefully received :)  Cheers!

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answered Mar 27, 2018 by Michael Martin (89,010 points)
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All RM AI units come with an AVB enabled Option Card (NIMH Model). However, AVB on AI series mixers is not full 1722.1 compliant. AVB only works between AI series mixers. Remote Recording from AVB Network to a computer is not available or supported.

Capture itself only works when there is a FireWire Connection from an AI Mixer to a computer.

Unfortunately, this setup scenario is not an option. You must use the FireWire port on the computer to receive multitrack audio from an RM mixer.

However, one option is to get another RM mixer, cascade the two mixers via AVB (AVB Switch required, SW5E or MOTU). Then, one mixer receives the Analog Inputs, the other mixer can be positioned up to 100m away, then use the FireWire on THAT mixer to record.

The Master mixer must be used for FireWire in that setup config.
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answered Mar 28, 2018 by rodfawcett (260 points)
Hi Martin,

Thanks for taking the time to comment on the scenario :)