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Unknown Noise keeps appearing when i activte the effectors on StudioOne3

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asked Jan 21, 2018 in Studio One 3 by taehongkim (120 points)

i'm trying to record with StudioOne3 Pro 3.5.4 on a PC(i7-2600/8Gram/Windows7)

and also using UR12 of Steinberg

i turned on the program and started a new song

and the moment i activated the effects function(it was Ampire), it gave me nothing but a heavy noise

even before connecting my guitar to UR12! i have no idea how it can make such noise without inputs

the much weird thing is this : if i turn off monitoring toggle of the track and record my playing, the result is pretty normal

it means it can work rightly, doesn't it? why do they go wrong when i want the effects?

i have recorded with 'monitor on' and check the result. of course it was filled with the noise i heard

thank you for reading

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