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If i daisy chain 4 quantums, can i record at 192khz?

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asked Jan 21, 2018 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by williamgagnon (1,610 points)

Using a homebuilt pc, kaby lake i770 quad running at 4.5, windows 10, studio one 3.54, 32 gigs ram, 1tb ssd drive.   System runs really nice, I expect ill build an 18 core monster in the future...that's just me:)    I am running a quantum and adat DP88 plus another 8 with focusrite octopre mkII.    I am running at 48khz and everything is fantastic.   My question,  if I only use 4 quantums connected together, can I record all 32 channels at 192khz.    I saw a video where the guy said you could.  Not sure if I heard him correctly.   He said you could stack 4 quantums running at 192khz.    I know using adat, you can run 96khz with 16 channels, 192khz at 8 channels and 48khz with 24 tracks which is what I am running now.    Seems like a simple question but cant seem to find the answer anywhere.  

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answered Jan 26, 2018 by davidbaker3 (280 points)
Excellent question (and nice looking studio)!

There seems to be a lot of confusion on how to achieve chaining units to expand and what frequency they can operate at for all the interfaces regardless of brand.

It would be great to see some sort of compatibility chart on this stuff...
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answered Feb 18, 2018 by williamgagnon (1,610 points)
I'm gonna go ahead and answer my own question.   Here's what I found on an official Presonus made video

4 quantums daisy chained together:   32 input channels can record at 192khz

4 quantums each connected to a DP88 or similar:   64 analog inputs can record at 96khz

4 quantums with 2 DP88s each:   96 analog inputs can record at 48khz.

Really good to find this out.  Not gonna spend at least another 3k to find out 48khz is the best you can get with 4 quantums.   I must say, with just the one I have, it is absolutely amazing.