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Permanently Disable/Enable Plug-Ins from Browser/Manager

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asked Jan 28 in Look and Feel by neiljordan1 (12,840 points)
retagged May 22 by neiljordan1

Even all these years into established DAWs, people are still manually moving their plugins into and out of 'Unused' folders to prevent them impacting app startup & performance.

It'd be great if users could just right-click plug-ins in the browser/manager, and select to disable (blacklist) them indefinitely. Once that's selected, the plug-in will not be scanned & loaded when Studio One starts up.

Seeing as Studio One already maintains its own secret blacklist of plug-ins that caused start-up problems, integrating the new option with this functionality could be an effective way to implement it.

Obviously, there needs to be a way, either in the same menu or somewhere else, for users to re-enable specific plugins as desired. The current blanket 'Reset Blacklist' button would not be sufficient.

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answered Mar 29 by AlexTinsley (731,200 points)
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