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Plugin Browser: Customize the order of plugins listed within the Browser folders

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asked Dec 19, 2022 in Look and Feel by nicbarnshaw (1,140 points)
edited Dec 19, 2022 by nicbarnshaw

Right now the plugin lists are locked to alphabetical order. I have many plugins and i am constantly auditioning them, and my flow gets broken as i'm looking through plugin folders trying to remember which plugins would be suitable for the task needed

I've customized my plugin folders into: 
1) Compressors - hardware emulations
2) Compressors - digital
3) EQ - hardware emulations
4) EQ - digital 
5) Saturation - Consoles
6) Saturation - Tape

But it's not enough. It would be very useful if i could manually re-order the plugins within those folders/lists so that the ones i want to use the most are at the top. I want to control which plugins i am exposed to first, rather than have the alphabet control it. In Cubase you can do this.

If plugin lists are locked to alphabetical order then i easily forget to use certain plugins simply because i didn't see it in the moment. If i can customize the order of plugins then it's like a painter being able to choose which colours he wants to use the most, and i don't have to waste too much time digging too deep into plugin lists every time because i can fully trust my plugin folder layout, which means i can make quicker decisions in the flow of the moment.

The Favourites folder tries to solve this, but it's not quite an adequate solution, as it is not categorized/specific enough, and i have so many favourites that i would need to be able to customize the order of it anyway, but the Favourites are locked to alphabetical order too.

In Studio One 6, you can hold CTRL and drag the macro buttons to re-order them. Could we have the same functionality for the plugin menu please?

Being able to customize the order of plugin lists yourself would improve workflow for plugin decision-making & discovery

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answered Dec 19, 2022 by nicbarnshaw (1,140 points)
Would also like to be able to add a plugin to multiple folders if possible