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What’s the power rating for Faderport 8‘s power supply ?

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asked Feb 7, 2018 in FaderPort 8 by fathomeo (170 points)
I’d like to know the power rating for the external power supply. I’ve got 220~240v power in my country and would probably be ordering for a Faderport 8 from US.

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answered Mar 8, 2018 by cliffsoon (600 points)
selected Jun 12, 2019 by nickmaggio
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The tech specs page says

12 VDC, 2A external power supply

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answered Jul 16, 2020 by karansarup (160 points)
I did not understand still.....

does this mean that the external power supply is "universal" meaning it will work in US (110V) and in Europe (230 V) and India for example as well....will work everywhere?

please clarify because with earlier models , like faderport classic, power supply is NOT universal.....