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How can I reconnect the Faderport 8 / Studio One doesn' t show me it in The Edit Device / I can't select it ?

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asked May 1 in FaderPort 8 by michelsenecal (110 points)

I already use the Faderport 8 with SO4 with no problems but the firmware update FP8 disconnected the FP8 as external device and now I always have the same message Waiting for host. I tried to reconnect FP8 by selecting it (Send to & Receive from) in the Edit Device, but Studio One doesn’t show me it. I restarted / Turned off Turned on the pc. Nothing, It doesn’t appear. The only option available is the audio interface.

The firmware update FP8 v.3.32 was the one available from Universal Control (v3.1.2.54970) at that time on my pc. I downloaded the new version UC (v3.2.157677) for full functionality of the current FP8 version. But now when I open UC, nothing, no FP8

But first, It’s still Waiting for Host and I can’t set the Send to and Received from to Faderport 8 because it isn’t available. I don’t see it, so I can’t fix it. Hope and please someone knows how to solve this problem and get it functional again. Thank You in advance!

PC Windows 10 update  /  Studio One 4 Pro V.  /  Focusrite Scarlett 8I6 interface 



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