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What can you hear through the Studio 1824 Headphones out?

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asked Feb 10, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by faressadeghiyan (150 points)
edited Feb 10, 2018 by faressadeghiyan
I want to purchase a Studio 1824 however I want to be clear about the features of the unit so I don't run into the same issue I am having with my current mini ********* umc22 Interface which is only acting as a monitor output because it has a pair of balanced main outputs running to my E5s.

What I want to be certain of is whether or not I can listen to my computer audio through the headphone outs of the Studio 1824, which should be the case but I want to be 10000% certain. Also I want to know whether it is possible to only get audio from the headphone outs of the interface and mute the mains so that I don't have to switch off my E5s every time I want to switch to my headphones.

The current little ********* umc22 interface only has one output volume knob and that controls the output for everything including headphones.

*EDIT: I have found a workaround that I totally forgot about with stereo mix, however I sometimes use stereo mix to broadcast music through my teamspeak channel so I am still looking for the answer to my original question.

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answered Feb 19, 2018 by connorguiberteau (26,970 points)
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The Studio 1824 has two headphone jacks with their own volume knob.
Headphone jack 1 is a copy of Main Outputs 1 & 2
Headphone jack 2 is a copy of Outputs 3 & 4

The Main Output jacks on the back are controlled with the "Main" knob on the front. This stream can be muted and summed to mono without the headphone stream being affected.