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Progression 2 record not tabbing on correct string when tracking with Fishman Triple Play

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asked Feb 13, 2018 in Progression by aaronkeenguitar1 (120 points)

-windows 7 64 bit

-Progression 2

-Steinberg UR22 interface ASIO for audio

-Fishman Triple Play for MIDI input


When I go to record tablature with my Fishman Triple Play midi pickup into Progression 2, the displayed tablature does not reflect the strings on which I've played. For example, if I play an E4 on the 9th fret of the g-string, the fretboard visualizer will say I've played the open e string, and the created tablature will reflect that.

Is there a way I can make sure that Progression 2 follows which string I'm playing on? If I had some way of making sure each string was connected to each individual MIDI channel of my pickup, I'm sure it would all work out!

I have already tried this with the multi-channel box checked off in the recording options, but I have come up with the same problem.

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answered Feb 14, 2018 by ronaldpaxton (200 points)
I have the same problem, and if you search the web you will find other posts on different bulletin boards about this issue. I tried every suggestion that was available and nothing fixed the problem. This is just BAD functionality that PreSonus (apparently) does not care to fix ... shame on them for pushing such crappy software out on unsuspecting users. I guess they want everyone to update to Progression 3 with the hope that this problem is fixed in that version. It is worth mentioning that the correct tab fingering on the neck is being captured by the TriplePlay interface, and you can see the correct notes on the fret board, so it REALLY IS the Progression 2 software that is to blame.
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answered Feb 14, 2018 by ronaldpaxton (200 points)
I realize my email below sounds rather harsh, but honestly, I've struggled for months, off and on, trying to get the Fishman TriplePlay and Progression 2 working properly together. MIDI notation was one of the key reasons why I bought the TriplePlay to begin with, and overall I'd say that I wished I hadn't wasted my money. In addition to the Progression 2 TAB problem I've also discovered that what I play and what appears on the treble clef in standard notation is also often in error. Lot of false and/or missing notes, wrong note durations, etc. Using Progression 2 has caused me to waste more time correcting notes than if I had written then entire project by hand to begin with. I refuse to upgrade to Progression 3 unless PreSonus offers a trial version and I can see that these problems are fixed. The idea behind Progression 2 is great, but the actual implementation of the product is not very good. Sorry PreSonus, but the truth is the truth. Please offer a 10-day Progression 3 trial on your website so Progression 2 users can see what they are getting.
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answered May 10, 2018 by seither (160 points)
There seems to be a problem with the midi TP Guitar midi driver from tripleplay.

When you use a midi monitor to watch the midi events coming in from the TP guitar midi device it behaves quite strange.

If you start Progression alone all notes come in on channel 1. Progression then 'guesses' on which strings the notes have been played. (column 4 is the midi channel):

09:02:20.480    From TP Guitar    Note On    1    E3    119
09:02:21.245    From TP Guitar    Note Off    1    E3    0
09:02:21.877    From TP Guitar    Note On    1    B2    127
09:02:22.464    From TP Guitar    Note Off    1    B2    0
09:02:23.022    From TP Guitar    Note On    1    G2    127
09:02:23.640    From TP Guitar    Note Off    1    G2    0

But if you start the triple play software then suddenly each string is sent on a different midi channel and Progression maps the notes correctly to the strings on the tab:

09:22:16.962    From TP Guitar    Note On    1    A4    10
09:22:16.968    From TP Guitar    Note Off    1    A4    0
09:22:16.975    From TP Guitar    Note On    1    A3    117
09:22:19.674    From TP Guitar    Note Off    1    A3    0
09:22:21.234    From TP Guitar    Note On    2    E3    105
09:22:22.155    From TP Guitar    Note Off    2    E3    0
09:22:22.528    From TP Guitar    Note On    3    C3    127
09:22:23.200    From TP Guitar    Note Off    3    C3    0
09:22:23.550    From TP Guitar    Note On    4    E4    10
09:22:23.552    From TP Guitar    Note Off    4    E4    0
09:22:23.559    From TP Guitar    Note On    4    G2    127
09:22:24.143    From TP Guitar    Note Off    4    G2    0
09:22:24.559    From TP Guitar    Note On    5    D2    126
09:22:25.188    From TP Guitar    Note Off    5    D2    0
09:22:25.603    From TP Guitar    Note On    6    A1    102
09:22:26.161    From TP Guitar    Note Off    6    A1    0

I used the snooze midi monitor to verify this behavior.

This seems to be a bug in the tripleplay TP guitar device driver software.