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How to get 96k with my SL2442ai and Studio One pro 2

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asked Feb 23 in Ai Mixers by witesol (150 points)
How do I get the Studio one software to allow the option of 96k recording? I can start a project in Studio one pro2 at 96k but the board still only offers 44.1 and 48 k sample rates...   can get them to talk at the lower sample rates. Presonus advertised the higher sample rates. In the mixer's system there are only the two choices. I'd like to use the SL for a front end at 96k.  Do I have to update the mixer, Control?

also, when starting a new song in S1, what happened to the SL mixer templates? They no longer show up

I'm on a macbook pro, about a 2014 with FW800, the latest version of S1pro 2. The board version is 1.0.4834

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answered Mar 12 by AlexTinsley (680,330 points)
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Your firmware is out of date. Update to latest version of Ai firmware to get 96KHz support.