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Selecting Previous "Alternative Tool"/"Paint Tool" with Keyboard?

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asked Mar 1, 2018 in Studio One 3 by robertgray3 (38,130 points)
I like using the smart tool and the paint tool a lot. They both have a nifty feature where if you hit [1] or [5] multiple times, it will cycle through either the secondary tool or the drawing style. Is there a way to cycle back to the PREVIOUS secondary tool/drawing style? I hate accidentally passing the tool I need and having to press the key 7 more times to come back.

Apologies if this question is out there already- couldn't seem to find it on the site or in the manual.

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answered Mar 1, 2018 by gottfriedbergmair (14,140 points)

You can use the keyboard shortcuts: "Toolbar-Previous/Next Tool" to assign a shortcut.

Tip: You can also use the "mouse-wheel click" (= mouse middle button click) to bring up the toolbar quick-menue.

 toolbar quick menue: mouse wheel click


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answered Mar 1, 2018 by robertgray3 (38,130 points)
Hiya Gottfried.

Thanks for replying but I'm not looking to select the previous or next tool in the toolbar. I'm looking to cycle the "Alternate Arrow Tool" or the "Paint Tool's" shape backwards.

As far as I can tell there is a way to cycle forward by hitting [1] or [5] repeatedly but not a way to cycle backwards.