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Getting ez drummer to work on studio one 3 artist

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asked Mar 3, 2018 in Studio One 3 by christopherseagle (110 points)
I gate windows 7 and studio one 3 artist. I have the add on plugin support as well. I just bought ezdrummer 2. Studio one 3 works fine with 3rd party vst's  since the add on. I have my power kit and Steve slate drums working just fine.  
 Ezdrummer 2 works fine as a stand alone. I have the path for ezdrummer set the same as any other plug in,  (program 86x- vst plugins)but when start up studio one, it doesn't show up in my instrument folder like my other drum vst's.
 How do I get this to work together.  I've seen youtube videos with people using it but no one says how to get it loaded up.

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