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Why are my mastered files in SO3 twice as loud as the digital release .wav or .mp3 file that are genreated?

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asked Mar 4 in Studio One 3 by aubreylindsey (110 points)
edited Mar 4 by aubreylindsey
I'm using a PC based computer with win 10 64 bit, w/12gigs of ram with Studio One 3 Professional. When I master a song that I've recorded and get it sounding to my taste, then make a digital release to either a .wav or .mp3 file I lose about half or better of the volume that was in the master file. If I play the song back on my PC or I'm my car, the volume is very low and the tonal qualities seem to be diminished as well.

I am using Multiband Dynamics, Pro EQ, and Limiters to jack up the volume in the mastering page, but it doesn't really seem to help when I export to a Digital Release file. What am I doing wrong to cause this issue?



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