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expansion sidecar for Faderport 8/16

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asked Mar 5, 2018 in FaderPort 8 or 16 Feature Requests by paulherlihy (1,190 points)
I would happily pay for an expansion piece for the Faderport 8/16. I would think of it like the original fader port with improvements. you get one master fader and an expanded user button section that can be programmed to be whatever you wanted. these user buttons would update to show what ever they have been programmed to be as well. Like command, option, shift, control....... and or a series of commands on one button(macros). Scribble strips or make the buttons the scribble strips as well. that would be cool, don't know if that is possible yet but I will throw it out there. Up down arrow keys for moving through takes and a track ball on it as well. No mouse just a track ball. master fader with mute and dim, extended user keys and a full up down left right arrow section. Yeah just combine a track ball mouse with an original faderport and some more programmable user keys. lol seriously, I think a lot of people would pay $199.99 for that, maybe $249.99 but I would have to be able to set the color of each key for that price. Thanks

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answered Mar 12, 2018 by AlexTinsley (734,530 points)
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