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Faderport 8/16 Edit Plugins improving functionality of Select buttons

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asked Jan 17 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by Daw Stew (5,740 points)
Currenty when in Edit Plugins mode the Select buttons (immediately below the scribble script LED's) only work in an on/off state.

What am i talking about?

OK, imagine you are mapping synth parameters to the Faderport. Your synth has a waveform selection of Sine and Square wave. You can map a Select button to switch between the 2 and they'll go back and forth as you click. That's working fine, but the problem with the current function is if your synth has more than 2 waveforms (lets say Sine,Sawtooth and Square for example). Using the Select button in its current state does not cycle through all waveforms, instead it jumps from the 1st parameter to the last, skipping everything in between (basically like going from 0 to 100). Can Presonus add the ability for the use to configure the type of state that the Select button operates in so that we can cycle through any parameter that has more than 2 options.

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