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My Demo of Studio One Pro is expiring and I want to purchase Artist but keep my files/songs I've recorded in the demo.

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asked Mar 10, 2018 in Studio One 3 by jeffbookman (120 points)
I've been using the demo of Studio One 3 Pro and like it, but can't afford Pro at the moment. I'm planning on purchasing Artist but don't want to loose what I've already done in the demo. Am I safe? Do I need to export the individual wave files elsewhere then pull them back in after Artist is downloaded? I haven't used much of the features (reverb, delays, automation, etc) and I'm not concerned with them being saved, just the individual raw recording themselves. I can always mix after the fact with what's available on artist.


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answered Mar 13, 2018 by danielbayer (2,980 points)
Studio One Artist should open the session normally. If you used 3rd party plugins they will not be available but internal plugins and all audio files/events should be there and accessible.

You can also do a stem export - just to be totally sure that nothing will be lost.