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Connect Eris E5 to SONY UDA-1 Line out, the sound is too loudly

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asked Nov 30, 2015 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by xinzhou (160 points)
I connect Eris E5 to SONY UDA-1 DAC Line out use RCA cable, the sound is too loudly.
I also tried connect to the Motorola DC800 Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter audio out port, get same result.

The UDA-1 line out spec:
Output voltage: 2 V
Output impedance: 2.2 kilohms 2 Hz - 80 kHz (–3 dB)

I search and found below devices may resolve the problem, but not sure:
1. preamp like ********* Microphono PP400
2. DI-BOX like Radial ProAV2
3. Volume Controler like Dynaudio Volume Box

Could somebody give me some advices about how to reduce the volume of these customer devices low cost and high quality.
commented Dec 3, 2015 by Jon T (5,940 points)
What are you feeding to the UDA-1?
Is it possible to attenuate that prior to it going to the UDA-1

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answered Dec 6, 2015 by xinzhou (160 points)
selected Dec 12, 2015 by AlexTinsley
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Thank you for comments and answers, I connect IPAD to the UDA-1, both device can't control the Line OUT Volume. It's hard to use volume control on the back of the speakers every time.
After several days search I think the problem may resolve by replace the UDA-1 with an other device which has volume control, or connect a volume control device between UDA-1 and Eris E5.
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answered Dec 3, 2015 by gadget69 (30,330 points)
Hmmm... I really don't  get this, sorry, with an input volume control on the back of the speakers, and line, TRS (balanced and unbalanced) and XLR balanced inputs you should be able to interface with ANY media devices out there...There should be NO reason for any interface devices with this level of control. Now, there may be a problem with either the line outputs of the DAC, or the line inputs of the E5 (even the cable could be bad...), but if you turn the volume control down and still have distortion, there is something other going on here...Line level is line level, and is plug and play throughout the audio multiverse...

Have you tried the other inputs to the speakers to verify if there is a problem with them? Have you tried a different line level source into the speakers? are BOTH speakers sounding bad?