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An option to disable "Audition Notes" in the midi editor by default.

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asked Mar 15, 2018 in Editing by donaldfincher (650 points)
I often use the midi editor to adjust the velocity of midi notes, and while it is nice to hear the note that I am adjusting, it gets really annoying hearing it over and over again as I change the velocity. I know that there is an option for "Audition Notes". And I do un-check it...pretty much every time I go into the midi editor.

I would be really great if there was an option to default "Audition Notes" to un-checked. Perhaps this is already possible, but I failed to be able to find information about that in my searches.

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answered Mar 15, 2018 by robertgray3 (39,180 points)
selected Mar 15, 2018 by donaldfincher
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The way we're supposed to approach this in Studio One is by creating a template with our preferred settings. I have one called "New Empty Song".

First, create a new song with your desired song settings. Then go in and configure the windows and per-song settings (like auto-scroll, snap to grid, Audition Notes, etc etc) just the way you want for a new project.

Then save it as a new template by going to File -> Save as Template. Call it whatever you want, but something like "New Empty Song" or "Empty Song Template" will help you identify it later when you create more templates.

All you need to do now is open this template every time you want to open a new empty song and your preferred "starting point" for a new session will be preserved.
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answered Mar 15, 2018 by donaldfincher (650 points)
Ah, cool. Thanks for the help Robert!