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Request to choose between using DCAs and just hiding certain channels (UC Surface for AI Mixers)

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asked Dec 1, 2015 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by drums.michael (780 points)
retagged Dec 1, 2015 by stingray1122
Please include an option to choose between using DCAs and just hiding certain channels.

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answered Dec 2, 2015 by stingray1122 (7,740 points)

Thank you for your request. We'll be using the voting system on these requests to help us prioritize new feature for upcoming releases.

Ray Tantzen, Senior Product Manager - PreSonus

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answered Aug 10, 2016 by basmeijer (6,450 points)
I voted yes for this assuming you mean having normal channels and DCA's next to eachother.
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answered Aug 22, 2016 by derejetesfaye1 (660 points)
It would make it easier for me to hide or remove unused channels on UC Surface. DCA can't solve for my purpose. We never use the Firewire return on our live shows, Still we need to scroll 16ch. to get to to the right side of the mixer. If we were using CS18 or a huge computer display, I wouldn't mind it being there. But on my Mackbook or iPad, it gets very aggravating to scroll back and forth.

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answered Oct 17, 2016 by robertbrady (800 points)
I'm cascading (2) RM16AI's and its a pain to scroll from channel 16, and pick it back up at Channel 33

I'm only using the Presonus for LIVE MIXING only, so having those ADAT channels is completely useless to me.

The feature request that have been posted regarding this are almost a year old in a few weeks.