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AUX Mixes do not mute with channel fader mute button

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asked Apr 9, 2018 in Ai Mixers by jereddahlstrom (270 points)
I have a StudioLive RM32AI being used with a StudioLive CS18AI for front of house mixing. When we purchased the units (together), hitting mute one each channel via the CS18AI, muted the main mix plus any of the AUX mixes which are being used as on-stage monitor mixes. Now, hitting mute is only muting the main mix but leaves the AUX mixes unaffected. I'd like to link this so we don't have to mute the channel and then mute either the AUX masters or individual channels within each aux mix. I've been unable to determine how to do this. The pre/post fader option for each channel doesn't seem to affect how this functionality works so I'm a bit lost. Any help would be appreciated.

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answered Jun 25, 2018 by benpierce (95,430 points)
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answered May 23, 2018 by billyplantabaja (180 points)
Could you solve this? I have the same problem, Is there any way to mute all the channel with its aux sends included?