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How do I set D.S. in Notion iOS?

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asked Apr 25, 2018 in Notion iOS by dennisdavis (200 points)

I often find the requirement to repeat a section before continuing on with the rest of the score. At that point, direction to a coda is not needed, but D.S al Coda seems to be the only direction available; I cannot find a D.S. symbol in Notion iOS to facilitate the requirement. The use of multiple measure repeat signs is problematic; owing to their use in 1st and 2nd time bar repeats, additional repeat signs disrupt the flow of the score, as well as increasing reading complexity.

How might I achieve the repetition of a section without the troublesome use of the multiple measure repeat signs, nor the premature use of the D.S al Coda? If D.S. is available, where do I find it?

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answered Jun 12, 2018 by ChrisS23 (13,790 points)
You could use the DS al Fine marking if you don't want a Coda - and add Fine at the end of the piece (there's no DS marking on its own in Notion). If playback is not important, then you could just use a text box.