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How do you switch to loop or practice mode (Notion iOS)?

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asked Apr 28, 2019 in Notion iOS by brianhill10 (130 points)
edited Apr 28, 2019 by brianhill10
Suppose you’ve selected a bar or bars. You want those to loop. You hit play. They play once. I’d expect an alternate version of the play button to play the selection as a loop. Long press or something like that, but can’t find it. If this is a mode (practice mode) how do you get into it? (Edit: as noted in the title, the specific forum this is posted in, and the tag, this question is regarding Notion iOS.)

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answered Oct 26 by waynerose1 (3,460 points)
I don't think "practice mode" is a feature in Notion iOS. However, you can easily create repeat sections of any length (dotted double bar lines in the menu pallet), then by double tapping on the end repeat bar line, set the number of times you want it to play. I haven't tested whether there is an upper limit, but try 99 and let us know what happens.