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What does UC Surface’s “Use Traditional DCA” button do?

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asked May 1, 2018 in UC Surface / Qmix by K16yle (470 points)
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Under the Groups tab, what does the “Use Traditional DCA” button do? This is a new addition with the latest update and I can’t find any documentation in the release notes.

Thank you.

EDIT: Perhaps I should clarify, I’m not asking about Auto Created vs User Created DCA Groups. There is a new button that is not covered in 2.6 of the user guide.

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answered May 1, 2018 by AlexTinsley (784,160 points)
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Please read the UC Surface Reference Manual found on the download section for your Mixer. 

See section, 2.6.1 Creating, Editing, and Deleting Filter DCAs

asked Aug 6, 2018 in UC Surface / Qmix by hajoherz (840 points) Traditional DCA