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Audiobox USB96 input level not affected by trim controls

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asked Nov 28, 2023 in AudioBox USB by ScottPokrant (120 points)
Hi, I'm using an Audiobox USB96 and Studio One Artist (that came with the interface purchase). It seems that the controls on the front of the Audiobox have nothing to do with the input levels showing in Studio One. I've turned my inputs (both 1 and 2) all the way down and I'm still showing levels in Studio One that are far past the "0" point.

How do I get Studio One to accept the input levels I'm setting with Audiobox? Why are the controls on the box itself having no effect in the DAW? For what it's worth, I've currently got the Audiobox connected via phantom power to a condenser mic and I'm recording a guitar amp, but was also having this same level problem when going directly into the Audiobox with my guitar. Seems nothing changes at all as I'm turning all the controls on the front of the audio interface all the way down.

Also, I'm running everything via USB into my MacBook Pro that's running the most recent Mac software.

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