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FX bypass bug?

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asked May 5 in Studio One 3 by justinmeyer (2,250 points)

Not sure whether it's a bug or if it's just "normal".

In an instrument track you create two events.
Event 1: 0001.01.01.00 till 0005.01.01.00
Event 2: 0005.01.01.00 till 0009.01.01.00

You add an Insert effect (e.g. Autofilter - same behaviour for other effects) inside of the track.
Then you create a bypass automation for the same time as above.
0001.01.01.00 till 0005.01.01.00 -> Bypass off
0005.01.01.00 till 0009.01.01.00 -> Bypass on

As soon as you start your playback, the first event will be affected by the Autofilter, which is fully correct.
The 2nd event will not be affected by the Autofilter.

However, the first note of the 2nd event - which starts at 0005.01.01.00 - is partly affected by the Autofilter
Depending on the effect and the effect amount, this can sound weird.

Is this some bug or can it not be realized otherwise?
If there is space between events, there is no problem, but if they are next to each other,
it's not possible to start the FX bypass at 0004.04.04.90 for example.

Or should I do this in another way?


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