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I Can Hear Anything from Audiobox itwo In my headphone in fl studio or any soundsorce.

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asked May 21, 2018 in AudioBox i-Series by sajinahmed (150 points)
Hi, i bought audiobox itwo studio bundle one month ago. I use it with fl studio 12 and it was working fine.
But after a month when opened fl studio, i hit play but theres no sound came out from the headphone. In the sound panel it shows the sound is being played but i cant hear it. The headphone is ok. I tried to update all of the drivers. But nothing change!!

pls help me!!!

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answered May 22, 2018 by AlexTinsley (911,830 points)
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You have to make sure you select the iTwo as your default playback device in your operating system control panel.

You also have to make sure you set the iTwo has your default playback device inside the DAW that you are using.

For FL Studio, check their reference guide or contact their support with assistance on how to select the audio interface in their software.

In Studio One this is done for you automatically when you choose the iTwo or AudioBox USB from the Interfaces list when setting up a new song.