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Refreshing the list of files in the browser list

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asked May 31, 2018 in Studio One 4 by richardskelt (350 points)
Is there an easy way to refresh the list of files in the browser?  

If I want to import a .wav file from folder X, I open the browser and then navigate to folder X and I can see the list of available files.  If later on I have added some new files to folder X from another program, all I can see in the browser is the file list when I first navigated to folder X - the new files aren't showing up.  The only way I can refresh the list is by doing a search - but that's a bit cumbersome.

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answered May 31, 2018 by gottfriedbergmair (10,920 points)
selected May 31, 2018 by richardskelt
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Right mouse click on any changed browser folder and select Refresh.

Tip: You can go directly to your OS Explorer/Finder using Show in Explorer/Finder.

All folder operations like Rename, Delete and New and Refresh are working in the Studio One Browser as well as in the Explorer/Finder of your OS.