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Does Studio One 4 use *any* of the files or resources installed with or created by Studio One 3?

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asked Jan 10, 2019 in Studio One 4 by frankmoriarty (120 points)
I am on the verge of upgrading from Studio One 3.5.6 to the latest Studio One 4. With Studio One 3, I had a number of resources on an always-attached external drive, including a Studio One folder (Macros, Presets, Projects, Songs, Templates) and a PreSonus Content folder (Demos and Tutorials, Sound Sets, SoundFonts).

My question: is the Studio One 4 install a completely independent entity, with no need for or possibility of using things like the Sound Sets and SoundFonts as configured above for Studio One 3? Will 4 create its own targets for Songs and Projects? Once I've moved my source recording material into 4, I can then delete the two folders I currently have on my drive and uninstall 3.5.6?

Thank you kindly, in advance!

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