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Sampler XT - Record wait for Transport, audio input or countdown

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asked Jun 1, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by steviemasters (3,040 points)
Is there any way to have Sampler XT wait for input before recording a sample?  Currently from what I can see, if I want to sample something such as a vst or live instrument I hit record, then I have to dash my mouse to the play button if its a vst, or fly my hands to my keyboard if I am playing something or move over to my edrum while Sampler just records dead space.

Is there any way to have this wait for input before recording?  It would be nice to press record on Sampler XT, and then when I have that set hit play on the transport for it to begin sampling from a vst, and for instrument or live it would be nice for it to wait for audio either at a certain level or a hot key or midi input, or at least a countdown to allow us to record into the sampler without it just running off and causing more clicks having to edit out recorded air.

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answered Jun 1, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,900 points)
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answered Jun 4, 2018 by grimeyneedle (3,930 points)
Use the gate record instead but you'll have to play with the thresholds for what you need