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We will we get a non destructive sample chopping inside a sampler with tap to slice

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asked May 13, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by charlesxavier1 (280 points)
We need a better sampler (MPC) style slicing with a through mode to play beyond slice markers tap to midi slicing (MPC, SERATO SAMPLER, ABLETON PUSH). I should not have to open my MPC software as a plug-in to chop samples inside Studio One. Studio One is incredible and now you guys have the midi controllers to accommodate it. Please give us MPC/ ABLETON Push users a one stop solution inside of a DAW to create ALL FORMS OF MUSIC even classic HIP HOP. The sample slicing inside of IMPACT AND SAMPLER is not sufficient and kinda counterproductive when it comes to other software. It may work for the less sample based producer but for full on sample chopping and production chopping on a timeline and a crippled slicing inside of IMPACT AND SAMPLER needs to be upgraded.
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answered Jun 1, 2021 by anthony1979 (630 points)
Agreed. We need a drag zone on the arrange page where you drag samples and they automatically end up in a sampler ready for slicing. Then the slicing needs a sensitivity slider to tailor it for the correct amount of slices.