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Request for Impact XT pad option "Send to new Sample One XT"

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asked May 16 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by kb_ace1 (810 points)
I have made many customized kits in Impact XT, and sometimes when creating, I come across sounds in my kit that I would like to play across the keyboard quickly.  It would be nice to have "Send to new Sample One XT" as a pad option inside Impact XT.  This would create a new Sample One instance with the sample on a new track right from Impact.  Right now in Impact we are able to right click the pad, select "Show in Finder" ; then drag an instance of Sample One XT into the project, then go back to finder and drag the sample into SO XT.  By having the "Send to new Sample One XT" option inside Impact XT the process would be much faster.

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