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How do I use the IR Maker plug in for large spaces?

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asked Jun 9, 2018 in Studio One 4 by lisarowe (2,750 points)
I set my microphone up with my Audiobox in the room where I wanted to capture the reverb with a sweep.

I tried to use the IR Maker following the directions and was unable to record anything useful.

Was I supposed to hear a sweep?

Can I not use my computer to output the sweep through the stereo in the room while also recording?

Why are there no videos on Youtube or anywhere else showing how to use this or any IR capture and the steps to create a useful file?

What I do have is several recordings of a sweep played through the stereo via a cd I burned and some hand claps.  How can I edit these to be used?  The noise floor is 70dB (SPL Cweight, slow response).

Could Presonus PLEASE create more detailed instructions for this feature?


: )

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