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A few questions of features about Notion iOS...

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asked Jun 28, 2018 in Notion iOS Feature Requests by nassepekkala (120 points)
Hi guys!

Is there, in Notion iOS, the following features:

- can I make the 'little notes' for 'Layer 2' and select the 'Stems Direction' for these (only Layer 2) ?

- can I get the two-staves-system only for first row and then continue only with one-staff-system (in other words 2-staves 'melody&bass' for ex. INTRO and from 2nd staff only with 'Bass Clef Staff')?

- can I save my own template/default file (incl. Page Size, Instruments, Page View Options etc.)?

I can't find any solution for that from The Manual

Sincerely, Mr. Nasse The Original

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